Updating bios administrator

22-Apr-2017 05:25

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If you have a Firmware Password, put it in the $args, replace /p=password with your firmware password.

Yes this means that your firmware password is in your SCCM cache. The script is also at my Git Hub repository https://github.com/dptechjournal/Dell-Firmware-Updates Function Get-Laptop # end function Get-Laptop $current Directory = split-path -parent $My Invocation. Definition # Setup Logging $Error Action Preference = "Silently Continue" if (!

I am debating adding this, as I will rely on the estimated battery life part of the script to ensure there is enough juice left for the update to happen.

That would go a long way towards getting the update to laptops in a more timely manner.

During task sequence imaging we use a package to update the BIOS’s, the package suppresses the reboot, allowing the Task Sequence to control the reboot at a later stage.

We have Collections for each Hardware Model we have.

I use those as limiting collections for the Updating Collection that I will use to deploy the application script, with a query looking for older bio’s versions that need updating. Here is an example of my Optiplex 3020 shrinking collection (models that are up to date get removed from the collection based a query), of which we have 575 of this model.

There are many blog posts about how to accomplish this type of update during a task sequence so I will just focus on the script we use for deploying BIOS updates to computers in the wild.

The SCCM application we use to deploy this script is set to only run when no user is logged in.The rest of the computers get the BIOS updates as the application catches the computer without a logged in user.This is hit and miss, but eventually works it way to most of the other computers.We time the deployments with our monthly Windows updates, which initiate a 10 hour countdown to reboot after installation.

Some of you may be familiar from my earlier article "Dell BIOS Updates with PowerShell" and hopefully you have gotten some good use out of it. There have.… continue reading »

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Updating the BIOS, also known as "flashing the BIOS," replaces the BIOS firmware. When completed successfully, a BIOS update can fix or enhance aspects of a computer.… continue reading »

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