Taylor swift and adam levine dating

12-Jul-2017 13:57

Clearly, it’s the older, boring actor-man of the many sweaters and levels of beardedness.” But nay. He seems just nice enough to want to give a relationship with a butterflies and rainbows girl like Swift another (and another and another) go. Lastly, Swift said in an interview on that the inspiration for “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” struck when she was recording her new album in Nashville.

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And that “indie record cooler than mine” lyric seals the deal.

Closing Remarks from Abbey Stone: Lyrics, shmyrics. And in this case, the timing and location all points to Gyllenhaal.

Because — this theory is very deep, stay with us —the dude in the vest, the one holding an "indie record" that looks suspiciously like a Maroon 5 deep cut, is giving off some serious Adam Levine vibes.

As in, we haven't watched The Voice in a season, but is that Adam Levine?Look, we can all admit this guy looks like he came straight from shooting the latest wind-blown promo for , let alone long enough for her to leap into a tirade about never (ever, ever, ever) getting back together with him? Mayer, meanwhile, is far too much of a playboy badass to go crawling back to a 20-year-old, begging to be taken back.To say the song is about Jake Gyllenhaal is a knee-jerk reaction: “It’s not this musician guy? Gyllenhaal, on the other hand, is Hollywood’s sweetheart.“He starts talking about how he’s heard we were getting back together and that was not the case,” said Swift.

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