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06-Jun-2017 17:30

Seventy students from the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, were returning from a study tour on two buses.

They were stopped by AIADMK men and they threw a petrol bomb, setting fire to a bus before all of the students could have had got out. Gayathri from Virudhachalam and Kokilavani from Namakkal were burned to death, and 16 others were injured.

The movie is about college life, and climaxed with a bus burning incident.

Following public and media demands, the ending was changed.

The incident caused anger amongst the student community.

Schools and colleges were asked to shut for a week, and students across the state held silent processions and protest marches condemning the act.

Accordingly to prison sources, at least 1,500 prisoners will get the benefit of the general amnesty of the Tamil nadu government.

After a series of delays in appointing a special public prosecutor 23/02/2018 - The Tamil Government actually ruled by AIADMK tries to release the three persons involved in this case.

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