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For decades, you British cooks have been churning out spaghetti bolognese for every dinner occasion you can think of - all the time believing you've been making an authentic Italian dish. This week, the Italian farmers' union denounced your 'bolognese' sauce as an 'improbable concoction'. Spaghetti bolognese is no more authentic Italian than I am authentic British.

Because, when I first arrived in London in 1975, I had no idea what people meant when they referred to this 'famous Italian dish' spaghetti bolognese.

For the rest, my brothers used to say that I was the tail and Ongyatasse wagged me.

Her tail bristled a little as it curled at the tip like a snake.

But it bears no resemblance to a traditional Italian 'bolognese', known as a ragu, which has no garlic whatsoever, nor a single herb.

A proper ragu sauce is meat, onions, wine, a little tomato paste and vegetables.

But it's important to let the alcohol evaporate or you are left with a metallic taste.

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Of course I'd love everyone to try to cook the dish authentically and serve it properly.Milk is added in the early stages to render the meat flavours more delicate, although not all Italian chefs adhere to that. I know that some people do, but after many years of cooking, I don't believe it brings anything extra to the dish or particularly complements the flavour.My experience with spaghetti bolognese in Britain was one of the main reasons I started writing cookbooks. tagl "horse's tail"), from PIE *doklos, from base *dek- "something long and thin" (referring to such things as fringe, lock of hair, horsetail; cf. He carried his head loftily, and there was a lordly flaunt to his tail.