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Bahrain is a small Gulf nation, and its capital of Manama has only approximately 157,000 people.

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As intimidating as some of its buildings may look, the city is quite safe with a safety index of 75.45.Car geeks will love Stuttgart, where both Porsche and Mercedes-Benz have their headquarters and respective car museums.A bit city with a small town feel, Stuttgart has a safety index of 77.15, and also has plenty of art and history museums for those who are less enthused by the auto industry, as well as a zoo and planetarium.Interestingly, it also used to be the location of the KGB headquarters back in the days of the Soviet Union… However, all of these things are a mere memory today, and the city is quite a safe place to explore architecture, museums, and theater.

as well as home to Lee Harvey Oswald, who lived there for a few years before returning back to the U. It isn’t Amsterdam, but Eindhoven is a very safe spot in the Netherlands with an index of 76.42, and there’s plenty to do in the city.One of the biggest concerns for potential vacationers is whether or not the place they’ve chosen to visit will be safe.This concern has only grown in recent years, and it’s a good one to have. Depending on where you travel, you might have to consider any number of security concerns as a traveler.Ottawa is a bilingual city, so it’s a great place to brush up on your French.