Pro athletes dating white women

13-Jan-2018 10:04

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Arguably the most surprising and least known details of Martin Luther King Jr.’s life was his alleged romance with a German transfer student.Though rumors of King’s extramarital romances have circulated for years, on one hand his supposed dalliances with white women aren’t that surprising based on his life-long mission of equality and racial justice.It wasn’t long before he would pen his first autobiography, .His commitment to the anti-slavery movement and, later, to women’s suffrage was undeniable.Aside from civil rights issues, Belafonte has been outspoken politically, openly criticizing the Bush administration.Given Belafonte’s relentless racial activism, it might come as a surprise that he has had a number of relationships with white women, including with former dancer Julie Robinson and photographer Pamela Frank.(function(d, s, id) (document, ‘script’, ‘wibbitz-static-embed’)); While interracial relationships are not nearly as uncommon as they once were, we’d be lying if we said that the dating and marriage histories of some of the nation’s most outspoken black social activists didn’t come as a surprise to us.Let’s take a gander at socially and politically active black men who dated outside of their race.

He founded the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights as well as Color of Change, an organization created in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to encourage African-American political awareness and action.

During the height of the civil rights movements, Harry Belafonte became a dear confidante of Martin Luther King, Jr., helping to provide financial support to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and other causes in the civil rights movements.

After King’s assassination, Belafonte continued the push toward equal rights and even became an executor of King’s estate.

Though obviously showing an affinity and love of black women, Parks became romantically involved with railroad heiress Gloria Vanderbilt later in his life.

“The Godfather of Soul” James Brown was more than just an influential musical artist.

Famed orator, activist and abolitionist Frederick Douglass became one of the nation’s most revered figures during the pre-Civil War and Civil War eras.

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