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But when you’re nineteen, anything can be beautiful: from a timid sunset to gentle hands running along your spine, a kiss, a lie, a pitch black night with nothing but mystery and unknown and secrets. They should have known it’d take a monster to destroy one.They should have known monsters and perfection never did too well. But one day, everything changes when Jimin brings Yoongi (a cat hybrid) to their home.He realized there is no other way, than to be completely direct. Feeling like his life is going nowhere, Mc Coy recruits a mysterious man who goes only by 'Jim' to help him win the affections of his fellow professor at Starfleet Academy. Superfan Ryan quits the school newspaper and joins the college basketball team and his world gets rocked when he realizes his heroes, the captain and cocaptain of the team are dating.“ Sherlock and John are investigating a case when Moriarty visits and raises questions in John's mind about Sherlock's ability to love one person faithfully. Love is great, even better when you find the one person who you want to spend your life with. He doesn't want to choose between them; he wants them both, and they're all determined to figure out how to make that work for everyone involved. nope." or: Louis and Zayn are best friends with benefits and when they spot Liam on the bus and find his Grindr profile they know the fit man would be the perfect addition to their bed. De hecho, no estaría explicando esto si no me obligasen a hacerlo.¿Queréis que señale al responsable? Things only get more complicated (and fun) from there as his old friend and newspaper columnist gets involved in this little game they're playing as they all figure out the rules together.Nathaniel Wesninski had never been after perfection.He thought it reserved to the weak-minded, at first, those who’d never have anything else to search after than beauty, those who would never understand it and never quite do it justice. The gods should have considered it when they gave Nathaniel Wesninski all the tools he needed to obtain it: money, power, beauty and depth, eyes that never stared for too long and never gave away everything.Unfortunately for Iwaizumi, this usually means he and Oikawa end up in bed together. It’s hidden, it’s safe and sound where curious eyes don’t think to linger, it’s where the night stops and starts, in the little things we do not hear.It lies where the right people can spot it—and sometimes, sometimes it lets itself be taken and used, be loved, destroyed even.

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