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(This is all done in the cultural hall.) Some of the youth from the ward act as tempters -- trying to get the children to play with beach balls, play games, or eat popcorn. Idea: Make family home evening lessons for a primary quarterly activity. In one room have the children prepare the main lesson.In another room have the children make a game or activity to go along with the lesson.Here are some examples of the various stations: Idea: Recreate Lehi's dream.The Primary children are told to hold on to the rod (in this case a hose) at all cost.Teachers then hold periodic interviews with individual children to help them select and plan goals (and how they'll accomplish them) and listen to experiences the children had in striving to accomplish the goals.

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It was a real success and we were amazed at the effort some of the heads of organizations went to to make it meaningful to the children.A member of the Primary Presidency then presents the Gospel in Action Award in Primary opening or closing exercises.Other Awards: Faith in God -- LDS religious award for Cub Scouts; On My Honor Adult Recognition -- given to adult Scout leaders, including Cub Scout leaders.Idea: Once each year we have a Stake Achievement Day for the 11-yr-old-girls.

We do this to balance the activity with the 11-yr- old-scouts.For example, the Relief Society gave each child the Relief Society symbol, which they pinned to the child's shirt or blouse, along with a list of what the Relief Society does in the ward.The interesting part to us as a presidency was that the children 4 through 11 were so impressed by what the clerks did in the ward and how they kept track of each person. The Young Men's President took them into the room where the sacrament was prepared and this was not only of interest to the children but to the teachers as well.We were finished in 3 hours and the cost was very minimal. Submitted by Chris Activity Days Overview: These are quarterly functions for children ages 3 through 11.