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In the late 1990s, psychologist Martin Seligman recognized that, for the sake of prevention, researchers and practitioners had to start looking more closely at human strengths and virtues, not just weaknesses, and figure out how to instill positive traits in younger people who may be at risk of developing the unhealthy emotions and behaviors that signal mental illness.

Seligman proposed that successful psychotherapy in the future would not only be a process wherein people talk about their troubles, but also where people examine and learn to use their strengths.

He suggested that exercises in happiness can be used to make lasting differences in those who are depressed, anxious, or conflicted.

The science of positive psychology can be incorporated into all levels of coaching, counseling, and psychotherapy.

It is an exploration of one’s strengths, rather than one’s weaknesses.

The goal of positive psychology is not to replace those traditional forms of therapy that center on negative experiences, but instead to expand and give more balance to the therapeutic process.

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If a patient has been on leave or transferred to an approved home under section 37 or 38 for 12 or more consecutive months and a hearing under this section has not been requested or held within that period, the chair appointed under section 24.1 (1) (a) must review the patient's treatment record and, if satisfied from this record that there is a reasonable likelihood that the patient would be discharged following a hearing under this section, must order that a hearing under this section be held.

an assessment of whether there is a significant risk that the patient, if discharged, will as a result of mental disorder fail to follow the treatment plan the director or physician considers necessary to minimize the possibility that the patient will again be detained under section 22.

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