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03-May-2017 16:59

I've had the great fortune and luck to be her acting partner and for her to be my acting partner for the last half a decade.

It wasn't a surprise; I was aware of where she's at but was wishing and hoping that despite all that she might stick around so I might get to still act with her.

That was one of the toughest scenes I had to play emotionally because Kim is a friend.

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But Cristina makes the bigger choice to help Owen find person who is the right candidate or surrogate or co-parent as opposed to finding a new "person." That would be weird for Cristina's character to want to engage in that -- but certainly [she wants] to find a safe harbor for him.Mc Kidd: When I was talking with Shonda and [EP] Betsy Beers about the future for Owen a few months ago, I was anxious -- if Sandra decided she wants to leave and that's the right thing for her -- if the character of Owen was valuable as a character alone?Shonda has been very vocal to me that she's interested in exploring Owen Hunt., and Jane share two children, son Joseph, 16, and daughter Iona, 14."Kevin and Jane have jointly decided to end their marriage," the actor's rep said in a statement to E! "They look forward to continuing to co-parent their children, who have been their top priority, and will to continue to enjoy a close and caring relationship."Jane recently filed papers to end their marriage, just weeks before their 17th anniversary, and is acting for joint custody of their children and spousal support.

just because Sandra Oh, his longtime onscreen love interest, is exiting at the end of the medical drama's upcoming 10th season.It wasn't a surprise, but I was still sad when she told me. I'm still getting a lot out of playing Owen Hunt.THR: What was your conversation with Sandra like when she told you? I've done half as much time on the show as Sandra.I don't know what the nuts and bolts of it will be but it will be a tough day.

Actor Kevin McKidd and wife Jane. The pair have been secretly dating for months after a fan posted a snap of them together looking cosy before watching a musical.… continue reading »

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Kevin McKidd and wife Jane are divorcing after 17 years. "Kevin and Jane have jointly decided to end their marriage.… continue reading »

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