Google latitude not updating friends location

19-Jun-2017 16:34

– link Google Play Services is a bundle of services and APIs from Google that we can use for lots of features in Android apps.

The next two lines tell the new client that “this” current class (Maps Activity) will handle connection stuff. The fourth line adds the Location Services API endpoint from Google Play Services, and then finally the client is built for us. But first we need to implement some methods for those interfaces related to those two lines about callbacks and a listener.

The project files for this project are available on Git Hub, but follow along and in a few minutes we’ll build a super simple location finder!

This is a somewhat complex topic in Android, but these step-by-step guidelines should explain everything you need.

It’s a separate download just like a new version of the Android SDK.

If you don’t have it already, check out the Setting Up Google Play Services page on the Android developer site for details on how to download it.This file contains helpful comments about what you need to get started. Basically all you need to do is visit this personalized link and sign up for a Google Maps API Key.It’s free to sign up if you don’t already have an account, and when you get a key from that site you come back to this file and replace YOUR_KEY_HERE with your new key.Most devices do have this installed by default, but the Android emulators that run just the Android APIs do not.