Energy detective not updating

06-Jul-2017 00:05

* Will measure up to 1200A with three 400A parallel feeds using additional CT sets.For systems over 1200A please contact TED Customer Service.Serious injury/death could occur if you are not familiar with electrical components and operation of the circuit breaker panel.It is a very simple installation for an electrician.Your real-time and historical data can be viewed on your computer by the Gateway's Ethernet connection and its embedded Footprints Firmware (Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible).The Gateway connects to your router so you can view data on you local computer or remotely with internet access via a Smart Phone applications.

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Upgrading will also perform a “Reset Totals to Zero,” (this will reset Monthly Totals but not affect History).

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for TED Pro Home Electricity Monitor - works with Alexa at Read honest and unbiased. byThe Energy Detective. This can be very dangerous, so if you're not comfortable with working with extremely high voltages, have an electrician do it for you. I originally.… continue reading »

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TED Pro Lite is designed for small 3-phase services, or services where there is single-phase service derived from 3-phase power like a high-rise apartment/condo building. The limitation is 277V / 200A service. TED Pro Lite communicates via a very robust PLC power line carrier, and does not have the Ethernet.… continue reading »

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The Energy Detective. Energy, Inc. is committed to providing. and small business applications. The TED Pro Home energy monitoring system allows you to monitor energy usage through awareness of ongoing consumption and cost. Model TED Pro Home Kit Order No TED PRO HOME-KIT. For residential and small.… continue reading »

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