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What was he then 1 A literary charlatan, who com- promised the interests of posterity, by authoritatively laving down precepts concerning the life and death of his fellow-creatures, without having repeatedly put those precepts to the test of experience? " Scribendi recte, sapere est etprincipium et fons," Tn transmitting it, he discharged his duty in the mode which the illustrious Bacon has declared to be X LIFE AND CHARACTER the most perfect, — " Neither too hasty in affirming, nor loose and sceptical in doubting, he has raised up all particulars to the places assigned them by their degree of evidence and proof and he has employed such language as appeared to him to be best defended against the ravages of time.

On the day following, if the breathing be dilhcult, if no urine be voided, if the parts about the pubes have become prematurely swollen, we may infer that coagulated blood still remains in the bladder.

Ligula • 4 Cyathus 6 n ' 24 6 48 12 Heniina 2 Sextarius Pints. But a child ought not to be kept so long m the hot water as an adult; the infirm subject not so long as a robust one; one affected with slight, for a CEL. Meanwhile, if the patient have sleep with equal respiration, moist tongue, moderate thirst, and no swelling of the hypogastrium, and, if neither the fever nor the pain be considerable, we may take it for granted that the cure is proceeding favourably.