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The company must notify you in writing of any settlement of a claim against you no later than the 30th day after the date of the settlement. In addition, you may refuse to provide your federal income tax records unless your insurer gets a court order or your claim involves lost income or a fire loss. If your suit prevails, you may recover economic damages, court costs and attorney and necessary expert witness fees.

If the court finds the insurance company knowingly violated your rights, it may award up to an additional ,000 per claimant.

AVISO: Este documento es un resumen de sus derechos como asegurado.

Usted tiene el derecho a llamar a su compañía y pedir una copia de estos derechos en español.

Also, some exceptions to the rights are not listed here. For a list of the specific law(s) and/or rule(s) summarized in each item of this Bill of Rights, or if you have questions or comments, contact the Office of Public Insurance Counsel at 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-120, Austin, TX 78701 (512-322-4143) or us.

If your agent, company, or adjuster tells you that one of these rights does not apply to you, contact TDI Consumer Protection at 1-800-252-3439 (512-463-6515 in Austin) (111-1A), P. This Bill of Rights does not address your responsibilities. You have the right to a toll-free number to call your insurance company free of charge with questions or complaints. An insurer or agent cannot require you to purchase liability limits greater than the limits required by law (20/40/15) or require you to purchase other types of coverage as a condition of offering insurance or continued insurance to you.

(For additional information see the section of this Bill of Rights entitled .) 20. If the term of your insurance policy is less than one year, your insurance company must renew that policy until it has been in effect for one year. Upon request, you have the right to a written explanation of an insurance company's decision to cancel or non-renew your policy. When you file a claim on your own policy, you have the right to have your claim processed and paid promptly.

Your insurance company may only refuse to renew your policy effective on the anniversary of the policy's original effective date. If the insurance company does not mail you notice of non-renewal at least 30 days before your policy expires, you have the right to require the insurance company to renew your policy. The written statement must fully explain the decision, including the precise incidents, circumstances, or risk factors that disqualified you. You have the right to be treated fairly and honestly when you make a claim. Your insurance company must tell you in writing why your claim or part of your claim was denied. If the insurance company fails to meet required claims processing and payment deadlines, you have the right to collect 18% annual interest and attorney's fees in addition to your claim amount.

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This Bill of Rights identifies your rights specified by rule or by state statute, but it does not include all your rights.

For a 12-month policy, you have the right to pay the balance in at least ten equal monthly installments.

For a six-month policy, you have the right to pay the balance in at least four equal monthly installments. If an insurer uses an endorsement to reduce the amount of coverage provided by your policy, the insurer must give you a written explanation of the change made by the endorsement.

This refusal is called "opting out." If you buy a policy, the insurance company or financial institution must tell you what information it collects about you and whether it intends to share any of the information, and give you at least 30 days to opt out. You have the right to cancel your policy at any time and receive a refund of the remaining premium.

Agents and adjusters who intend to share your information with anyone other than the insurance company or financial institution must give you similar notices. Your decision to opt out remains in effect unless you revoke it. The refund will be paid to you unless your premium was financed through a premium finance company. If your marital status changes, you have the right to continue your insurance coverage.NOTE: The obligation to provide a written explanation applies to insurance companies directly. If an insurance company subdivides a county for the purpose of charging different rates for each subdivision, the difference between the lowest and the highest rate cannot exceed 15% unless actuarially justified. Some examples are income, social security number, credit history and premium payment history.An independent agent does not have a specific duty to quote the lowest possible rate to a consumer or to provide a written statement explaining why the agent did not offer the consumer the lowest possible rate. If you apply for a policy, the insurance company or financial institution must notify you if it intends to share financial information about you and give you at least 30 days to refuse.Your responsibilities concerning your insurance can be found in your policy. You have the right to call TDI free of charge at 1-800-252-3439 or 512-463-6515 in Austin to learn more about: You can also find some of this information on the TDI website at You can find this number on a notice accompanying your policy. Your insurance company or agent is prohibited from making false, misleading, or deceptive statements to you relating to insurance. NOTE: Texas law requires that automobile insurance policies include personal injury protection (PIP) and uninsured motorist protection (UM/UIM) unless you reject these coverages in writing. An insurance company cannot deny you insurance solely on the basis of credit information.