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08-Oct-2017 22:06

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One problem you may have is being far too picky when it comes to the girls you want to date. If you think texting and Facebooking a woman is all you need to do to make yourself available, it’s obvious why you don’t have a girlfriend. You need to go on *actual, not cyber* dates with women. Flirting is a quick way to make a girl know you’re interested in her.

You might have your standards set way too high and that’s why you can’t find “the one.” If you’re thinking that there’s someone out there who is 100% everything you want, then you should just give up. There are SO many amazing women out there that you’re blind to, just because she might like oatmeal and you think it looks like vomit. Dating is a crucial part of starting a relationship. If you can’t flirt, how is she ever going to know that you’re interested?

[Read: 12 signs she really likes you and wants you to ask her out] #11 You blame women. This will transfer from woman to woman and you will, subconsciously, be out of the game before it even starts.

You’ll immediately have a mindset that says she won’t date you and that will change your personality and the way you treat her. [Read: 10 clear signs you need to back off when you’re pursuing a girl] Fellas out there who have not been able to pick up a girlfriend, even though you think you’re a catch, here are a few reasons why that might be.

Laughing a lot around you is definitely a sign she’s interested. Women are not the problem—particularly if you’re the one who hasn’t had a girlfriend, but they have had boyfriends before.

You can also ask some close girl friends how you can tell if she has an interest in you. If you start blaming women for your inability to pick up a girl, you will constantly hold resentment for them.

It’s also a really fun way to build chemistry with someone. [Read: 12 essential flirting tips every guy needs to know] #10 You can’t read signs.

Maybe you just have no idea when a woman is interested in you and that inhibits your ability to ask her out and potentially make her your lady.

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You need confidence to even ask a girl out in the first place. Dear guy on couch, I really didn’t need to know your life story the first day I met you—and especially not at in the morning, before I’d even had my morning tea. By divulging your entire childhood and life problems right away, you take away the excitement of getting to know you. On the other hand, you might not give away enough information.Being well over appropriate dating age, he was definitely one of the many men who questioned the reasons as to why. I didn’t know him well enough at the time to tell him why.But based on my first impression, I suspected a few reasons.I could be mistaken, but some women probably see if no other woman is bothering with you, why would they? It will certainly prevent you from becoming a parent before you're ready or with the wrong person; it will prevent heartache....among the other numerous things that can go bad.