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“[Phillips] laughed uncomfortably at the prospect and said thanks but no thanks.”The party guest said that once Trump realized it was not a raging party, he lost interest.“He left with his tail between his legs,” the person told the newspaper.

“He was in the room for maybe 10 minutes.”The White House declined to comment, the paper said.

Read Baldwin's tweet here (WARNING: Contains profanity) Billy is the brother of actors Alec, who plays the Trump character on “Saturday Night Live,” and Stephen Baldwin.

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Off the air, Case asks the pair if they're going to the Gavin Seminar – a major radio convention being held a few days later in San Francisco. "You'll love it," he says, "it's a complete ." The girls then rush into a nearby room to record some "liners" – taped station identifications that can be repeated over and over. has been active on Twitter when it comes to pointing out allegations of sexual misconduct against certain public figures such as Democratic Sen. The president's oldest child did just that Wednesday, pointing out that two more women had come forward with allegations against Franken: Actor Billy Baldwin shot back at Trump Jr.with an insult aimed at the president's own alleged sexual misconduct over the years.Read more trending news Since Trump announced his campaign, several women have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment against him.

Many of the accusers claim Trump forced himself on them, groped or kissed them without consent; however, Trump has denied the accusations and threatened to sue the women.But it's also safe to assume that plenty of this early curiosity is a product of the industry buzz that surrounds Wilson Phillips, a buzz that landed the trio in and other publications years before the group had a name, much less an actual album. kids are more than just another pleasant new musical act with the big-bucks support of a record company behind them.That buzz is unsurprising, considering that Wilson Phillips is perhaps the highest of high-concept musical groupings. They are the princesses of West Coast rock royalty, the second coming of the California Dream.So they called some other kids with similar backgrounds, like Ione Skye (Donovan's daughter) and Moon Zappa.

May 17, 1990. Seated in the studio is 22-year-old Chynna Phillips – the only child to come from the union of John and Michelle Phillips, the onetime hippie dream couple of the Mamas and. Case and his sidekick, Lisa McDaniel, suggest an entirely different, naughty way to invade their guests' privacy the Dating Game.… continue reading »

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