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He is also intimately acquainted with the OT in the LXX, whereas we should have expected the Galilean Peter to have been more familiar with an Aramaic Targum or the Hebrew." (, p.1263) Donald Guthrie objects that Peter would have made use of the LXX when addressing himself to Gentiles.But the problem is not simply that of citation from the Greek Septuagint but also that of the unconsious influence that follows from regular familiarity with the text. Achtemeier writes: "The intimate acquaintance of our author with the Greek language is shown by the text of the OT which the author quotes and to which he alludes frequently: it is the LXX rather than the MT.Direct quotation is limited to two instances (, 2:6), and there the text is rather clearly the LXX ( from Lev 19:2; 2:6 from Isa 40:6-8, though with modifications); additional clear examples of quotation would include Isa 40:6-8 at -25 and Ps -17 (MT Ps 34) at -12, in both instances with modifications.

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Whether or nto the author set out deliberatively to craft a letter that included such elements of formal Hellenistic rhetoric is difficult to say, although it would be equally difficult to deny him all acquaintance with formal rhetoric in light of the shape of the letter itself." (, p.In addition to quotations, allusions to the OT that contain LXX language occur in such places as 2:3, 7, 9-10, 22-25; ; ; 5:8, indicating that the author was saturated with the language of the Greek Bible. Kmmel writes: "I Pet presupposes the Pauline theology.The absence of influence from the language of the Hebrew Bible or the Targumim on the one hand, and the clear influence of the LXX on the other, show that the author was at home in Greek rather than Semitic culture, and such is likely not to have been the case with Simon Peter." (, pp. This is true not only in the general sense that the Jewish-Christian readers, the 'people of God' (), are no longer concerned about the problem of the fulfillment of the Law, but also in the special sense that, as in Paul, the death of Jesus has atoned for the sins of Christians and has accomplished justification ( f; ).Knowledge of any of these writings would point to a date later than the apostle Peter is meant to have perished, in the Neronian persecutation (c. Indeed, the thought and tenor of the epistle would seem to place it towards the end of the first century" ( assumes that Silvanus is the real author to whom Peter gave the responsibility for the actual writing.

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Some think that they can prove that clearly common elements in language exist between I and II Thess, I Pet, and Acts , which indicates a common authorship by Silvanus. , no New Testament author ever explicitly mentions or commends an amanuensis elsewhere." ( Greek) was used in Palestine to facilitate trade and by speculating that the apostle made an extraordinary development in his Greek literary skills during his missionary career, without a formal education, citing John Bunyan (author of ). Achtemeier writes: "The type of Greek found in 1 Peter reveals that whether or not the author was born a Greek, he had enjoyed some level of formal education, if not an 'advanced' education in rhetoric or philosophy, at least a 'middle' education that would have included, along with geometry, arithmetic, and music, a reading of such classical authors as Homer. Michaels writes: "The notion that Peter had help in the composition of this letter does not stand or fall with the theory about Silvanus.

Christians are to suffer with Christ (; 5:1), obedience to the civil authorities is demanded ( f), and the Pauline formula is encountered (; , 14).

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