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At this point, Jim proposes to send Brenda to France (in lieu of Kelly Taylor )for a summer French immersion program.With Brenda in Paris, Dylan starts spending a great deal of time with Kelly, helping her babysit her little sister and entering a doubles beach volleyball tournament with her.The son of morally ambiguous business tycoon Jack Mc Kay and hippie ex-wife Iris Mc Kay, Dylan starts the series with a reputation for being a dangerous loner.After he stands up to some bullies for freshman student Scott Scanlon, he is befriended by Brandon Walsh and through Brandon; Donna Martin, Kelly Taylor, Steve Sanders, Brenda Walsh, Andrea Zuckerman and David Silver, Dylan grows close to all of them, and they help soften his rebel attitude.This doesn't last long though, as Brenda (who also has had an affair) runs into the man she was seeing in Paris at a video store and starts seeing him behind Dylan's back.Dylan and Brenda break up, and Dylan heads straight for Kelly.

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Afterwards, Dylan checks back into rehab and is successful in regaining his sobriety.This doesn't last long either -- after Brenda sees them on a date and gets angry at them, they take a step back from their potential relationship.Dylan, frustrated, takes a road trip to get away from them.They repeatedly break up and get back together, but they ultimately call it quits after a particularly bad fight.