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In a video on my blog he denounces “Anglo-American financiers” – who couldthatbe? AN EXACT QUOTE.)4) Whites on earth are stranded star children who were cut offfrom a very technically and spiritually advanced empire of home worlds by a horrific galactic war that the good guys suffered many defeats in5a) The “Men in Black” are clearly described as quasi-Jewish in features — “black-haired and olive- complected,” a very important point.

And the aliens who did the 1961 Hill Abduction in New Hampshire were described as long-nosed and dark-haired, although not exactly human.

But my dad DID speak up, and told the general, in front of a hushed crowd of fellow officers, “Sir, this plan will result in 80% casualties and it will NOT take the objective.” The general was stunned…. Lo and behold, who comes over to the table but that very general!

and as the silence grew, he cancelled the briefing. He had recognized my dad after 20 years by his face, build and voice.

=========== COURAGEOUS SPEECH TO A GENERAL SAVES LIVES I saw the Facebook banner photo of a pro-white friend showing a three-star Marine general greeting a Marine Iraq combat vet, former Staff Sergeant Joe Miller of Pennsylvania.

Joe’s motto as a former Marine is but not just “always faithful ” (the Latin meaning) to the Corps but also to our country and the White Americans who settled, built and fought for our nation!

Joe has been actively opposing the Hispanic illegal-alien takeover of eastern Pennsylvania, which has now spread in even to certain small towns in our (except for Philadelphia, on the New Jersey border) 90% white and beautiful state!

Now I have an anecdote of courage with a young Marine officer facing down an Army general (a very dicey thing, because Marines and Army people feel a strong rivalry) and then being forthright with a Marine general.

After Johnson, Vietnam and Watergate, no one believed anything the gov’t said on anything anyway.) book by Major Keyhoe is an excellent read, btw, John.)In this bestselling book by Major Keyhoe (Wiki: the initial incidents CLEARLY cannot refer to craft by Nordic Aliens, Grays, Reptilians or any other”advanced”species, whether friendly or not.As my father, then a captain, filed out, a Marine general was standing in the back. They got reacquainted and the general said: That was not just physical courage (and lots of Marines and Army soldiers have that); that was MORAL courage, to stand up and step forth, to walk into the dead silence of piercing scrutiny, and as everyone stares at you, as everyone else is wimping out, to boldly proclaim the TRUTH that saves lives! ==============the Fourth Reich and nordic aliens — a crazy idea or a scary reality to get used to? US Marine Corps Major Dennis Keyhoe, a Veteran of WWI and II and a graduate of the US Naval Academy at Annapolis, wrote the document below.He called out to my father: “Captain, come over here. He was considered the one UFOlogist with the most integrity and courage in the 1950s and 1960s, back when the US Air Force was cranking out Operation Blue Book disinfo.This would have triggered intervention on the other side by the Grays and then — yet another — world nuclear war, I repeat, yet another world nuclear war, in the 1940s between Grays and Nordics, destroying the planet pointlessly.