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30-Jul-2017 16:48

Find yourself a girlfriend who has her own vision of her ideal reality, and the two of you will never lose track.

Control is the magical ingredient that turns dreams into reality.

This is why the only way for us to make a relationship work is to find a girlfriend who is both equally egocentric and caring. Because alpha males are incredibly stubborn -- and we need someone who can compete.

It’s crucial that in a relationship there’s a balance between give and take, stubbornness and understanding.

Showing confidence and being assertive is what we rely on.

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The idea of the “high-value, alpha male” is a popular one – in fact, it’s one of the regular arguments in the comments sections, especially whenever I post about masculinity or what makes men attractive to women.

He expects unwavering loyalty -- and understandably so. It may have been the case so many millions of years ago, but due to evolution, intelligence is now key.

A woman not feeling enough attraction for a guy to justify dating him. Some of the many negative consequences of living your life as a lower-ranking male are 1. Not being attractive enough for most women. Women are more attracted to alpha males than any other type of male e.g. beta male, omega male. It's just how.… continue reading »

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May 22, 2017. Whenever there is talk about the mentality of an alpha male, some people think that he is a guy who asserts his dominance over others by being the loudest and most aggressive person in the group – someone who constantly needs to be in the center of attention to feel validated. A guy who is so desperate.… continue reading »

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Nov 30, 2017. Learn the secrets of becoming an alpha male. Transform yourself into the man women can't resist and start dating the girls you always dreamed about.… continue reading »

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Dec 23, 2016. And if you happen to be single, take a look at this course. It has the potential to revolutionize your dating life, change the way you look at relationships and transform yourself into a man who can effortlessly get a girlfriend. Now, without further ado, here are five examples on how an alpha male behaves in.… continue reading »

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He ends up having a date with a girl, and the whole time he's in his head. The whole time, he's thinking “UHH okay, how would an alpha male act.”—and he ends up seeming wildly incongruent and fake. Maybe he tries to confidently lead her, doesn't break eye contact, and exhibits certain behaviors typically associated.… continue reading »

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