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13-May-2017 02:13

"Going on about past relationships, health or debt problems, and hinting at wanting to get married are all buzzkills for a guy," says Diana Kirschner, Ph D, author of .A better idea: Open up about your likes and dislikes and crazy adventures you've had (no monologues, please!

If you compare your second date to the first, you’ll often be disappointed. Regardless of whether you’re thinking back to your first date, figuring out what you’re going to say next, or deciding who you want to do your hair and makeup for your wedding, not being present is one of the biggest traps for getting stuck in a slump. Break Out the Bandage Dress You wore jeans, heels, and a cute top on the first date, right? This time, you'll want to keep his attention and wear something that really makes his jaw drop."You don't want to look sleazy or show too much skin, but physical attraction and chemistry are very important to men, and he needs to feel that early on for a relationship to develop," says Nancy Slotnick, founder of Cablight.com, a New York dating coach service.So show off your hotness in a cutout dress, micromini, or flirty shorts.2.

Tell Him More About Yourself..Not Too Much Maybe you two really hit it off the first time you went out, and you feel like you can tell him anything. True, the whole point of a second date is to get to know each other better, yet spilling a ton of personal details won't create true compatibility and can even turn a guy off.

It’s easy to be light and breezy when you’re talking about standard getting-to-know-you topics.

Steps to Ace a Second Date So he made the cut and called again. Awesome! But even if the first date went amazingly well, it's the second that often.… continue reading »

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